Friday, September 2, 2011

Two Squirrels Vintage Opening

Today, my Mum and I went to the opening of Two Squirrels Vintage pop up shop in Rangiora (a wee town about half an hour from Christchurch). The owners of Two Squirrels had two lovely vintage shops in the CBD but sadly they were both destroyed in the February earthquake. They have now set up a gorgeous little shop at their home.

The shop is filled with some amazing treasures. The dress I'm holding above was lovely. The picture doesn't do it justice. It has pintucks on the bodice and buttons and loops down the front. I didn't buy it because it was beyond my poor student budget but I will probably have dreams about that dress.

I did, however, buy some lovely fabric and a pattern. Mum got some fabric too.
I love the collar on the pattern. You can't really tell but the polka dot version is scalloped.

We bumped into the always immaculate Helga von Trollop there but in my excitement at all the vintage I didn't get a picture of her.

If anyone in Christchurch wants to visit Two Squirrels pop up shop they are open Fri/Sat/Sun 10am to 5pm and they are situated at 63 Ashley St, Rangiora. They have lots of lovely stuff and the prices are very reasonable.

On the way there we stopped at a few other shops. I got the toile fabric above from Femme de Brocante. It's actually furnishing fabric (because that's what they sell) but I could not pass it up since it was on sale at $10/m. I love toile but hardly ever see it in fabric shops and when I do it's ridiculously expensive. I'm going to make a skirt out of it. I don't think it will be too bulky. I have a dress made of furnishing fabric and I like the way the skirt sits.

We went to a couple of op shops too. I picked up a black lace back button blouse. It doesn't look that great in the photo but it's really cute. The lace is sewn individually in strips onto a cotton bodice.

I also got this old army bomber jacket. Whoever owned it must have been quite small because it actually fits me.


  1. Hurrah! The jacket is rather fabulous!!!
    I reckon you WILL have dreams about that frock,darl!!!XXX

  2. I love the little bomber jacket, it's cute. I often see toile fabRic, I love it too, but it is always very expensive. Xx

  3. That looks like such a fun place! The bomber jacket is a fantastic find.

  4. I agree with everyone, the jacket is great!As a fellow tiny person, it is always exciting to find something a thrift shop that fits!

  5. Great buys! The black top sounds super cute. I might try to replicate it with my plain pattern project pattern that I am using. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Good work! Your finds are all glorious. I don't understand why NZ has so much better vintage stuff than Australia. You would NEVER find a jacket like that or a dress like the one you didn't buy here. It's unjust!!

  7. Thanks everyone. The bomber jacket is one of my favourite finds.

    Kat- I'm glad you were inspired. Can't wait to see your plain pattern version.

    Lily- Thanks. I'm not sure. Maybe it's NZers propensity to hoard things and then when they die all their stuff gets donated to the op shop. You would think Aus would have better vintage because they have a much bigger population.