Thursday, February 25, 2010

Butterick 5032 (another Stash Buster)

Butterick 5032 the retro '52 re-issue

This is the first vintage re-issue pattern that I have ever sewn. I think the re-issue patterns have been graded up for modern sizing. Based on my measurements, my hips, bust and waist were three different sizes (8, 10 and 12) so I cut a size 12 to be on the safe side.

Butterick 5032

This fabric has been sittting in my stash for over a year because I wasn't sure what to use it for. I bought 2 metres so this was the only pattern I have that would fit the fabric. It was relatively simple to put together. I changed the position of the front darts and the length of the skirt. I also added a bow to the front because it was a bit plain for my taste.

(Please excuse the wrinkles, I wore it to uni today).


Sunday, February 21, 2010

She wore blue velvet

Vintage Dress

I bought this blue velvet 60s dress off Trademe before Christmas. It took a couple of weeks to arrive and when it did I was away for Christmas. This meant it sat for two weeks scrunched up in a courier bag. It was really creased down the front when I opened it but I managed to get quite a few of the creases out by hanging the dress up in the bathroom when I had a shower. There is still a big crease down the front though. I'm not sure how to get it out because I don't have a clothes steamer. I guess I'll have to take it to a dry cleaner but I'm scared they might ruin it if they don't have a lot of experience with vintage clothes.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Butterick 9826 (the inadvertent Valentines dress)

Butterick 9826 Pattern

I joined Zoe's Stash Bustin' campaign in an effort to use some of the fabric I've been hoarding. For my first Stash Bustin' project I decided to sew Butterick 9826, a 50s pattern. I used some red poplin that I've had for over a year. The trim and the zip were also from my stash. I decided not to sew the sash because I like wearing belts with dresses.

Butterick 9826 Butterick 9826 back

So I realised after seeing lots of other bloggers posting Happy Valentines Day messages that this dress looks like a Valentines Day dress (the red+white combo). I didn't mean it to be one and in fact, here in New Zealand, Valentines has been and gone.

Butterick 9826

This is what the trim looks like close-up. One of my favourite sewing shops has the most amazing trims and I buy far too many of them because they are too cheap and pretty not too.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In which I make things complicated for myself

Butterick 8459

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was in the middle of sewing something complicated. I finally finished it. Butterick 8459 itself is probably not that difficult but the one I have is missing the instructions and the pattern piece for the collar has half of it ripped off. This meant I had to re-draft the collar piece before even beginning. I am usually terrible at following instructions but the diagrams are always handy. It took me awhile to figure everything out but I got there in the end.

Vintage Butterick 8459

For my version I used the bodice of View A and the skirt of View B because I wanted sleeves. I also cheated a bit. The buttons on the front are purely decorative. The bodice closes with four snaps.

Butterick 8459 dress 2

I'm pretty pleased with the result, although I don't really like the drape of the fabric.

Butterick 8459 back

(Please excuse the wonky seams on my stockings).

Friday, February 5, 2010

Things are not always as they seem

50's party dress

I have a habit of buying beautiful things that are completely unwearable. I feel like I am saving pieces of history that would otherwise be thrown away. I have vintage 1940s shoes that are too small and 1950s shoes that are too big. The dress I am wearing above is a 50s party dress. Unfortunately, there is a huge rip in the back where the fabric has weakened, numerous rust spots, a large sun damaged strip and a few other problems. It is basically unfixable, yet I can't bear to get rid of it. What makes it worse is that it fits like it was made for me. I'm going to hang it up in my sewing room so at least I can admire its beauty, even if I can't wear it.

I also have a lovely new banner thanks to Katrina of Pugly Pixel, who very generously made me two banners from which I choose my new one. She made my previous banner as well. Thanks Katrina.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

50s Style Full Skirt

Sometimes when I'm in the middle of sewing something complicated or time consuming I need a quick sewing fix. Something fast and easy to get that sense of achievement from finishing a garment.

50s style full skirt

This skirt is one such project. I sewed it in a few hours over a couple of days. It's a simple gathered skirt on a waistband with a zip. The fabric is a lovely vintage cotton. I got it with a whole pile of other stuff in a vintage suitcase for $5.

Now I've got my quick fix I can continue on with my more daunting sewing projects (and yes sewing is my drug of choice).