Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Welcome to my blog.

This is my first post even though I've had this address for a while. I finally became motivated to post after I won a competition over at PuglyFeet for a blog banner created by Katrina. Thanks again Katrina for the lovely banner. Check out her blog if you want to win you own blog banner because she is holding another competition for one.
Now I have no excuse not to post since I have this wonderful and aptly vintage themed banner.
So, a little about myself...This is me in my favourite vintage dress

I adore vintage clothes, as well as almost anything old. I have a fairly large collection of clothes, shoes and handbags mostly bought from second hand shops in New Zealand where I live. My love of second hand shopping comes from my Mum. She has been doing it since she was a teenager and growing up our house was always filled with Mum's many op-shop finds.

My favourite dress in the photo above was actually bought for me by my Mum. My parents live in a tiny place of about 300 people in the country where there is only a dairy/cafe, a hotel, a gas station and a second hand shop. My Mum found this dress in the second hand shop there for $10. It is beautifully hand made, hardly faded at all and fits me perfectly. I would guess it was made sometime in the fifties. I have bought various gorgeous vintage items from this shop and they all fit perfectly. I think they must all be from the same person, being all the same size and roughly the same era.
One of the reasons I love vintage is thinking about the woman who wore the clothing before me. I think it is wonderful that there was/is some stylish woman living in this tiny, mostly dairy farming community, who was the same size as me. It may be strange but I like to imagine whoever she was, she would be happy that someone out there is wearing and loving her old clothes.