Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finding vintage at the op-shop

Navy Vintage Dress

I got this dress at an op-shop thinking it was from the 80s but on closer inspection I think it may be older, possibly even from as far back as the 40s. I'm no expert at dating vintage but it has some details that you don't usually find on more modern garments. It has a metal side zip, bound buttonholes and a little hook by the top button with a thread loop. The label also looks quite old.


I love the scalloping on the sleeves and the decorative stitching details on the bodice and skirt.


I was really excited by this dress because I hardly ever find real vintage clothing at the op-shop.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Butterick 8459 take two

Butterick 8459 take two

This is my second version of Butterick 8459. I seem to have gotten in the habit lately of making multiples of every dress I sew.

The fabric is furnishing fabric I bought ages ago for $3 a metre. The print is kind of strange because if you look closely it has little ceramic bunny rabbit vases with flowers in them.
I think I like this version better than my first one because the fabric drapes in a much nicer way.


It was the first time I've made covered buttons and I was happy the way they turned out. I also made a belt using one of the belt buckles I got last year at Stash reHash.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The siren song of the Vogue pattern sale

Vintage Vogue Patterns

I got an email from the Vogue website about their pattern sale and before you know it I have four new Vintage Vogue reprints. They were all $5.75 each so I saved about $40 (I'm really good at justifying buying things if they were on sale/cheap). At least now I'll have some (more) patterns to use for all my stash fabric.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Polka dots and a Confession

Butterick 9826 version 2

I liked how easy Butterick 9826 was to put together so I made another version using some vintage fabric I had in my stash. I left out the sash again because it uses up a ridiculous amount of fabric. I'm not entirely conviced I like the sleeves in this pattern. They are cut as one with the bodice piece (I'm not sure what this type of sleeve is called). They are alright but I think I prefer the look of set-in sleeves.

Confession: Yesterday I bought some fabric even though I'm meant to be Stash Bustin'. I went to the fabric shop to get a covered button kit and came out with three metres of purple and white striped poplin. It was on sale and my self-control is limited when it comes to getting things cheaply. I don't feel too guilty about it though because the last four dresses I've sewn have been using stash fabric.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Blouse + Cardigan


I bought this short sleeved cardigan and blouse at the op-shop today. My Mum always says I buy grandma clothes from the op-shop. This blouse definitely fits in with that and I think the cardigan looks like something a grandpa would wear. Maybe they'll help me look older, as people always asssume I'm about five years younger than I am.