Monday, April 29, 2013


 This dress is one of the ones I bought when I was in England. It's homemade and has lots of lovely little details. It has bra holders on the shoulders. They are pieces of ribbon with snaps that fasten around your bra straps so they don't show. It also has two zips; one in the side and one at the back neck. I often forget to do the back one up because I'm not used to having two zips.

Dress: Saltaire Vintage Fair
Belt: Op shopped
Tights: K-mart
Shoes: Hunters and Collectors
Bag: Ménage a Trois Vintage
Headpiece: Op shopped
Cardigan: Op shopped

I love the bow and the bust gathers
 The vintage headpiece is one I op shopped recently for $2. It makes me feel a bit like a flower pot or something, but I like it.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb

I saw this cherry headband on a few Australian blogs and immediately wanted one. Sadly, we don't have Sportsgirl here in New Zealand so I had to make my own. 

The cherries are vintage millinery fruit from Paper Tales on Etsy. I just wrapped the wire stems around a headband and then glued them down.

It makes me feel a bit like I've got a christmas decoration on my head, but I like it.

Top: K-Mart 
Skirt: Op shopped
Belt: Op shopped
Tights: Columbine
Shoes: Op shopped

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Swimwear as Outerwear

Ages ago I said that I wanted to make a playsuit/romper/jumpsuit/whatever you want to call them (personally, I'm not a fan of any of those names).

I had this vintage seersucker from the Two Squirrels shop that was begging to be made into some sort of one piece suit type thing.  

I used vintage McCalls 5829, a bathing suit pattern. It was pretty straightforward to sew. Initially, I made it a bit tight. I guess, because it's a bathing suit pattern, there isn't  much ease in it. You wouldn't want much if you were going to wear it in the water, of course, because it would go all saggy. I have to say, I'm pretty pleased about the invention of lycra because I can't imagine it being very comfortable to swim in something made of heavy cotton. Since I wasn't going to be doing any swimming in it, I let the seams out a bit so I could actually breathe while wearing it.

I didn't have enough fabric to match the print but I'm not too worried since you rarely find RTW clothes with the print matched these days.

Grumpy is my default face

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago when it was far warmer. I'm back to wearing cardigans and thick tights now. I don't mind though, Autumn is my favourite season. 

Scarf: Op shopped
Sunglasses: Vintage shop
Belt: Op shopped
Tights: Farmers
Shoes: Golden Ponies

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pansies bloomed all night

I bought this hat pattern in one of Vogue's online sales. It's a reproduction of a pattern from around 1950. The pattern envelope is styled  hideously. I don't know why they do this. It's like there's some sort of conspiracy to make people not want to buy their patterns. I mean, the hats don't even look remotely 50s. They look more 1980s. Anyway, I thought Hat A and B had potential if you looked past the pattern envelope.

The frame is made with bias covered wire and piping cord. This took me quite a while because I couldn't understand the instructions. I just ended up making it up as I went along.

 I then covered the frame in fabric. At this point I was pretty sure it was going to turn out horrible.

I didn't want to make flowers from ribbon or organza like the pattern instructed so I bought these fake flowers. After pinning them to the frame I decided they were too big.

Because I'm some kind of masochist, I pulled apart the flowers and made new ones out of the petals. This took me many episodes of BSG to complete.

Side view
I then hand sewed all the flowers to the hat frame. Pretty much the whole hat is hand sewn except for the bias that covers the wire which was sewn by machine.

I tried to take photos with my tripod but you couldn't really see the hat so mirror shots it is.

You can wear it either way around. Hat A and B on the pattern envelope are the same foundation but Hat B is worn the other way around and has different flowers. I think I like it the way around it is in the first photo.

Even though it took me ages to do and was kind of frustrating, I really love this hat. I'm proud of all the hand sewing too. It's not that neat but this is probably the most hand sewing I've ever done on a project.

Also, thanks for your comments about my hair in the last post. I've decided I like it now. I think it just takes a while to get used to a haircut.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pink and green sailboats

Even though I don't like pink, cream doesn't suit me and boats make me seasick, I still bought this cotton print and made a dress out of it. I drafted the bodice from a few different patterns because I didn't have the exact one that I wanted. The skirt is just a circle skirt.

I got distracted by a bird
The cream was pretty hard to photograph. As you can see, the colour doesn't suit me but I don't care, I like the print. It looks better with a cardigan.

I also took the scissors to my hair. I'm not convinced that I like it but it's my own fault and it'll grow back. 

Cardigan: Op shopped
Shoes: Op shopped
Belt: Off another dress
Bangles: Etsy and ebay 
Tights: Supermarket probably
Dress: I made it

Friday, April 5, 2013

Leaving Riverton

I bought this fabric ages ago on sale from the quilting section. I then put it in my fabric stash and ignored it for about six months. When I pulled it out recently I noticed that it had the designer of the fabric and the collection it belonged to printed on the selvedge. I looked them up to see what other people had made with the fabric. It turns out that the collection that this fabric belongs to has a novel that goes with it. The novel (and the fabric) is called 'Leaving Riverton'. It is a quilting romance novel. I had no idea that such a genre even existed. It's kind of hilarious because I dislike both romance novels and quilting. The book sounds pretty crap anyway, if the Amazon reviews are anything to go by. I hope no one thinks that my dress is an homage to the novel. I just like the fabric, okay? 

I used Simplicity 4744 from 1963. I originally drafted some three quarter sleeves, but when I sewed them on they didn't look right so I scrapped them.  

I didn't use the pattern pieces for the skirt, I just cut two rectangles, sewed them together and did one inch pleats.

Shoes: Brumby's garage sale
Belt; Op shopped
Bangles: Op shopped
Dress: I made it 
Socks: Columbine