Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back again

What? I'm not posing like that.
My Mum took these photos. She was telling me how to pose.  I was mostly ignoring her and laughing uncontrollably. 

Is this better?
Vintage dress: Trademe
Shoes: Golden Ponies
Fishnets: Farmers
Sunglasses: The Yellow Brick Road
Bag: Ménage a Trois
Belt: Op shopped

This is why I usually take self-timer photos

On my last post wardrobeexperience asked if I could show some more pictures of the hat that I op shopped.  

I don't actually know which way around it's meant to go. I've been wearing it with the flower on the side because that's the way that it's most comfortable.

There's no tag on the inside so I don't know how to tell its age.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Op Shopping Finds

 Recently, I had a whole bunch of op shopping luck on the same day.

 I found three vintage patterns. I often find '70s patterns while op shopping, but rarely find earlier ones than that.

I found them together. Maybe they belonged to the same person?

I think they cost me about $2 all together. 

Excuse the plastic wrap and tape on my hat block. It's to protect the wood.
 I also found this vintage hat. I'm not sure which era it's from but the materials and the way it's made make me think it's relatively old.

I had to get this 1960s coat even though we're going into summer. It has a little bow/knot thing above the top button. I took in the side seams and the shoulders a bit. The whole coat is interfaced in this weird paper-y type stuff that I have found in some of my other '60s clothes. It has a really nice lining, though.

And here's a crappy picture of me looking grumpy while wearing the coat and the hat.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jeans and a tee

So, I've finished what are possibly my last exams ever.  I haven't been sewing anything lately (I know, that seems to be my constant refrain at the moment).

Anyway, I haven't worn jeans much in the last couple of years because it's so hard to find ones that I like and that fit me. I recently got these 1970s ones off Etsy. I've been looking for some 70s or at least 70s style jeans for ages. Hilariously, the label says 'Dry Clean Only'. Yeah, like I'm going to dry clean a pair of jeans.

I don't even know what's with my pose here.

Jeans: Etsy
T shirt: Trademe
70s platforms: Etsy
Scarf: Used to belong to my grandma
Belt: Op shopped