Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Circles in my skirt, circles in my hair

Another week, another skirt that I finished ages ago and never posted. This time it's a circle skirt. I used a self-drafted pattern that I've made at least a dozen times already. What can I say? Circle skirts are so easy to sew, and I love the way they look.

It's made of waxed cotton. It's the same fabric I used for this dress. I have a bunch of it because it drapes really well (and it was cheap).  

My hair looks kind of weird in the photos above because it has victory rolls in it. This is only the third time I've managed to do them (semi) successfully after an embarrassing amount of time spent trying.  

I look evil but you can see the victory rolls

Shoes: Op shopped
Cardigan: Op shopped
Top: K-mart
Skirt: I made it

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Veggie wearing veggies

I have a quite a few skirts that I've made and never posted about. I wear them pretty frequently but never seem to get a picture when I am. Here's one I made ages ago.  

It's just a simple pleated skirt on a waistband. I didn't use a pattern. I just did one inch pleats until I got the right width to fit around my waist. 

The fabric is a quilting cotton. It was printed off-grain which always infuriates me. What is the point of printing fabric that isn't on grain? Because of this I cut it so the vegetables were lined up. If I'd cut it on the grain all the rows of vegetables would have been wonky. I didn't know if this would have an effect on the way the skirt sat, but it seems fine.

Cardigan: Op shopped
Top: Op shopped
Skirt: I made it
Bangles: Etsy and Ebay
Shoes: The Warehouse

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lost and Found

While looking through my fabric stash recently, I found a project that I started almost two years ago. I'd given up on it because one side of the front bodice would not fit properly. The other side fitted fine, and I had done a muslin so I couldn't understand why it wouldn't work. I spent weeks pinning, sewing and unpicking. When I finally got the fit looking better I was so sick of the whole thing, I just put it away and forgot about it. Two years later, I've finally finished it.   

It didn't take long. All I needed to do was attach the skirt to the bodice, put in a zip, do the hem and sew on the buttons. I didn't line it because I'm lazy, and I wear slips all the time. 

The left side bulges where the zip is which really annoys me. I've tried steaming it but that makes no difference. An invisible zip would probably solve the problem, but I hate them with a passion. They break so easily. Maybe I'll take the zip out and put in some snaps instead. 

The button closure makes it look like a space uniform. The pattern is from 1963, so I'm guessing this was meant to be the 'tame' version of the space age fashion trend that was around at the time.

Hat: Op shopped
Belt: Op shopped
Dress: I made it
Shoes: Tony Bianco