Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pattern Mad

Advance 8270

I went slightly pattern buying mad the other week and bought three more vintage patterns. I realise that for some people that is probably not that many but I only own about 20 patterns so three in one week is kind of a lot. In my defence, (to myself that is. I am ah...defending my own actions to myself because justifying my purchases is what I do for fun), all three were on my List.
I'm sure I can't be the only one that has a List. You know, a list of vintage items I want to someday buy. My List is quite strict. It does not contain any passing fancies or fads. Most of the things on it have been there for a year or longer. The things on my List and I are in a serious long distance relationship rather than having just a quick fling. I wanted a vintage hatbox for over a year before I got one. Even now almost two years later I still get a quick jolt of joy every time I open it to get out a pair of gloves (Yes. It houses my vast glove collection rather than hats). That is the sign that something was List-worthy in the first place.

Simplicity 2441

On my List (that I can now cross off) were patterns for a one-piece bathing suit, french knickers and a dress with a midriff inset. I can't wait to find the perfect fabric and make these up but who knows, that may take me a few years as well.

Simplicity 2692

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bra top circa 1950

Simplicity 3250>

I have always wanted to try my hand at making some vintage style lingerie but patterns are, from my experience, difficult to find and expensive. More common though are 1940s and 50s beachwear patterns that often include bra-like tops. I figured making some of these would be a good way to ease me in to sewing lingerie.
I got the above pattern from old2newmemories on Etsy.


This was my trial run version. I used some left over vintage seersucker I had. The whole time I was sewing it I was sure that it wasn't going to work so I was surprised when it actually turned out alright. Obviously it's not perfect but I'm pretty pleased with it overall. It fits me really well. The only alteration I would make next time would be to take in the centre front a tiny bit as it gapes slightly.

Bra top back

The pleats at the front and the slight gathering at the sides make it really flattering on. I plan on making a black one out of swimsuit material to go with a vintage style high waisted bikini I have. I love the bikini bottoms but the top it came with is a bit too skimpy for me and is uncomfortable to wear.

It was quite hard to photograph and it definitely looks better on but I wasn't brave enough to put photos of me wearing it on the internet.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Christmas Dress

I know Christmas was two weeks ago but I never got around to posting my finished Christmas dress. I actually finished it on Christmas morning just before we had to leave for family lunch. I was way overdressed for a barbecue but I think my family are pretty much used to my eccentricities by now.

Christmas Dress

I probably could've taken in the side seams some more but I wanted to be comfortable (and considering the amount of trifle and pavlova I ate, that was probably a good decision).
It's pretty much exactly the same dress as the muslin I posted about but I took the shoulders in a little more.

Christmas Dress 2

The picture above is most like the true colour of the fabric. It was kind of hard to capture with such terrible lighting and on a dull day.