Saturday, August 21, 2010


Sorry for not posting lately. This week was the last week of the term at uni so I had a 30 page research paper and an essay to finish (sometimes I wonder why I pay money to torture myself like this).

Circle Skirt

When I did maths at school I used to like geometry, especially anything involving circles. Now the only time I use maths regularly is when I'm working out what something will cost with 20% off and when I'm sewing. Making a pattern for a circle skirt combines my love of sewing with the fun (totally subjective) of geometry. It's probably one of the easiest patterns to make yourself. Basically, it's just a big circle with a smaller circle in the middle the size of your waist. Mine's actually made up of four pieces, rather than two half circles, because I wanted the stripes to be in a chevron pattern. Sadly, I spent ages cutting out the pieces and matching up all the seams and you don't actually notice the chevron pattern when I wear it.


The fabric is a thin cotton with purple stripes. I used about three metres to make this skirt but that was mostly because it wasn't very wide and I needed to match the stripes.

(Also, I always seem to look unhappy in my photos. I'm not. It's just I feel weird grinning like an idiot when I take self-timer photos and they always end up looking strange and forced).

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Caped Crusader


Yesterday I went op-shopping with the lovely Annette from Helga von Trollop. She scored some great dresses and three pairs of shoes. She was also wearing the most amazing purple coat that used to belong to her partner's grandma.
I got this vintage cape which Annette dubbed the find of the day. We had seen a gorgeous blue velvet cape at the first op-shop we went to but I'm glad I didn't buy it because this one was half the price and far more practical. I got 5 cardigans, some zippers and two pairs of gloves as well. (I really must stop buying gloves but I wear them every day because I always have cold hands).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Things

(Or more accurately one new thing and two old things)

New Things

I said a couple of posts back that I wanted to make a faux leopard jacket. I had also mentioned this to a lovely woman I work with and the next time I saw her she brought me this jacket that used to belong to her cousin. I'm so pleased because it fits perfectly and now I don't have to make one.
The hat is a recent purchase from the op-shop. You can't really see it properly but it's a blue velvet 50's style.
I'm also wearing my new Melissa Vinyl shoes. I love them. They smell like bubblegum.

(I tried to make up for the terrible photo I took by playing with the fun effects on Picnik)