Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello Sailor!


I don't usually wear trousers being more of a skirt/dress type girl but I love sailor style pants. To make these I used this pattern from Burdastyle and modified it slightly.
I wanted a pattern that had a side invisible zip rather than a front closure and this was the only pattern I could find at the time. The waistband was really small and I wanted them to be high waisted so I made it about double the size of the one in the pattern. This was actually my second pair. The first are in navy wool with white buttons but I haven't managed to get a photo of them. These ones are made of some bright red drill cotton. The weight of the fabric is perfect but it is prone to wrinkling, as you can see in the photos.

Sailor Pants

The buttons aren't actually functional. There is an invisible zip closure on the left side. This was far easier than doing a button placket (not to mention the fact my machine hates doing buttonholes).
I also skipped the lining that was in the pattern because I didn't feel like they needed it.
Although it's too hot to wear them now, I wore the navy pair a lot when I first made them. They are really comfortable and have pretty much become my version of wearing trackpants (I abhor trackpants and would never own a pair so highwaisted sailor pants are the closest I'll ever get).
They aren't perfect but I'm pretty pleased as these and the navy pair were only my second brush with making trousers (I made a pair of horrible brown plaid baggy trousers in high school but let's not talk about that).
The photos aren't very good and I think they look better in real life. They also make me look taller which is always an added bonus for someone as short as me.
The top I'm wearing is another Port Elizabeth. I love this pattern. It's so quick and easy. At this point I've made five of them.