Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The siren song of the Vogue pattern sale

Vintage Vogue Patterns

I got an email from the Vogue website about their pattern sale and before you know it I have four new Vintage Vogue reprints. They were all $5.75 each so I saved about $40 (I'm really good at justifying buying things if they were on sale/cheap). At least now I'll have some (more) patterns to use for all my stash fabric.


  1. Did you see that Tete a Tete is having a sale on the 26th and 27th? :)

    A xx

  2. No I didn't. That's really exciting. Thanks for telling me!

  3. I am totally drooling over these patterns, are they still having their sale?

  4. I don't think they are sorry but you could check on the Vogue website. If you sign up as a member they send you an email when they have a sale on and they have them quite often.

  5. oOoo the bottom black one!
    I want!