Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finding vintage at the op-shop

Navy Vintage Dress

I got this dress at an op-shop thinking it was from the 80s but on closer inspection I think it may be older, possibly even from as far back as the 40s. I'm no expert at dating vintage but it has some details that you don't usually find on more modern garments. It has a metal side zip, bound buttonholes and a little hook by the top button with a thread loop. The label also looks quite old.


I love the scalloping on the sleeves and the decorative stitching details on the bodice and skirt.


I was really excited by this dress because I hardly ever find real vintage clothing at the op-shop.


  1. I think you may be right, I often look for the following things on vintage, metal zips, the button holes ran horizontally as opposed to vertically. bottom hems were frequently generous so that you could lower the hem. Clothing was frequently well lined and the makers lable/ name was stiched as opposed to printed or a symbol was used to represent the fashion house.

  2. The decorative stitching is another thing that points to the 40s, as they had to make do with details like that to make the clothes stand out. Lucky you!

  3. Score!!!That is a rare find,and you look fab in it!!!Love the shoes too!
    I found a cool 50's coat today!!

  4. WIN!!!!! And those shoes are awesome BTW xxx

  5. Ohhh...love the dress! What a great find! And it looks fabulous on you!!

  6. It looks like it is 1940s or 50s to me. Is it missing a size label?
    Anyway, well bought.

  7. There's a tiny label that says 38 on it which I'm guessing is the size.

  8. Lovely, and totally those shoes are FTW! Just gorgeous!

  9. What a great find! I love how you paired it with the bow belt and red pumps! very chic!