Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gored Skirt

Gored skirt

Recently one of my favourite skirts (seen here) has started falling apart. Since I bought it second hand I couldn't go and buy another so I set out to sew one similar. The original skirt was made up of 10 gores so I made a pattern using its measurements.
Using some grey suiting type fabric I had in my stash, I sewed the gores together and added a zip and a waistband. This is my test version/wearable muslin. The hem sits slightly strangely which I think is due to the type of fabric I used.
For the real one I'm hoping to find some pink fabric in a similar colour to the original skirt. I think I will also try and find something a bit lighter weight than the fabric I used for this version so it sits better.


  1. I love wearable practice things. Muslin/Toile etc ... it has to be worn in my opinion. Great shoes AGAIN!

  2. I agree, I hate putting all that work in and then not being able to wear it because it's a muslin. Thanks, I own way too many shoes.

  3. Looks great! I'm sure it will be lovely in pink, but this version is very wearable too.

  4. Darling,a girl can never have too many shoes!!!
    Yay for the wearable toile!!It would look great in any colour,and is such a practical design,you'll never get tired of wearing it!

  5. You did a wonderful job on the skirt! I love how you wore the socks! so cute!