Monday, February 15, 2010

Butterick 9826 (the inadvertent Valentines dress)

Butterick 9826 Pattern

I joined Zoe's Stash Bustin' campaign in an effort to use some of the fabric I've been hoarding. For my first Stash Bustin' project I decided to sew Butterick 9826, a 50s pattern. I used some red poplin that I've had for over a year. The trim and the zip were also from my stash. I decided not to sew the sash because I like wearing belts with dresses.

Butterick 9826 Butterick 9826 back

So I realised after seeing lots of other bloggers posting Happy Valentines Day messages that this dress looks like a Valentines Day dress (the red+white combo). I didn't mean it to be one and in fact, here in New Zealand, Valentines has been and gone.

Butterick 9826

This is what the trim looks like close-up. One of my favourite sewing shops has the most amazing trims and I buy far too many of them because they are too cheap and pretty not too.



  1. Such a nice dress! It fits you really well. Love the contrast tights and belt. Many thanks for your comment on my recent post! Great to hear of others with similar ethical considerations taking a stance! Have you taken the Wardrobe Refashion pledge? x

  2. Gorrrrgeous!
    You make things so quickly! I can't keep up. I think I might make something similar to the picture on the pattern. Love the stripes with the contrasting sash (unfortunately belts invariably look better on me than sashes... but I get sucked in every time).

  3. Zoe- Thanks! I've just signed up for this round of Wardrobe Refashion, I tried last time but it didn't work for some reason.

    Lily- Thanks! I'm on holiday at the moment, that's why I've been making things so quickly. Once I get back to uni I'll barely have time to sew at all. I love the stripes too, you could always make the sash detachable so you could wear the dress with a belt too.

  4. I adore this dress. You look amazing.

    Thanks so much stopping by my blog, and commenting on my What I'm Wearing post. I'll probably do another one of those next week sometime. Right now I have posted a scarf refashion that I made out of a shirt. It turned out really nice. Have an awesome day!

  5. The dress is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE it!

  6. What a stunner! I love your dress, the trim detail is adorable :)

  7. mmmm this dress is really lovely.for some reason, ive just started noticing that some belts buckle in the back. it looks so nice that way! the stripe makes this dress even more special..its the best!