Sunday, August 14, 2011

Check the Technique

Sometimes I feel like I have plateaued in terms of my sewing. While I have been trying to sew with different fabric (it is so hard for me not to make everything in florals or polka dots), I haven't really picked up any new techniques lately. Enter Check the Technique created by the super awesome Reana Louise. Basically, you create a list of techniques you haven't tried, try them and then write about your success/failure.

My list of techniques (some stolen from Reana Louise):

Scalloped Edge
Bound Buttonholes - posted here
Raglan Sleeves
Sew with leather
Sew with faux fur
Make a belt with a belt kit
Dye Fabric with tea or coffee
Draft a lining
Sew with laminate/oilcloth
Use horsehair braid in a hem- posted here

I will probably add to this when I think of some more.

Incidentally, the next pattern on my list has three new techniques; bound buttonholes, raglan sleeves and drafting a lining. I'm sewing Simplicity 5098 in a textured purple wool with bright pink lining and green buttons. The purple is actually richer than it looks in the photo.

Sorry for not having more substantial posts lately. I have tests and essays and research projects all in the next week so I haven't been doing any sewing.


  1. Wooooh! That pattern is divine--I love the button detail. Also, I hear you about uni. Uni ruins everything.

  2. I do love purple. That dress is going to be beautiful, I can't wait to see it. I'm not so adven sewing. X

  3. I need to join in on this as well. I have a few techniques I would like to try. Can't wait to see your finished dress!

  4. That dress is beautiful, I love the purple fabric, it's going to look amazing. x

  5. Love the look of this dress (and how you've chosen green buttons), it's going to be awesome.
    Such a great idea to cross a few techniques off the list - when you come to do scallops, I did a tutorial recently which might help too!

  6. Reana Louise- The button detail is pretty much the reason I bought it. Yes it does. I get so annoyed when I can't sew because I have too much on at uni.

    Louise- I love purple too but I realised I have hardly any purple clothes so I thought I'd rectify that.

    Kat- Cool. Can't wait to see your list of techniques, maybe there's some I'll be able to steal.

    Vix- Thanks. I hope so.

    Sherry- Thanks. I've been checking out all your tutorials. They're great. I've already used the one on how to draft a lining for a pattern that doesn't have one.