Monday, August 1, 2011

The Snowdrops Blouse

The snow last week provided me with a couple of days off uni and some time to sew up McCall's 3776. I probably should have spent the time off studying but after a snowball fight, I couldn't muster up the energy to hit the books.

McCall's 3776 Blouse

This is sort of my test version. The fabric is a merino wool knit which has two way stretch. It was relatively easy to make. I used my overlocker for most of the construction. I wasn't sure how much ease the pattern had so I erred on the side of caution and only cut it one size smaller than my measurements. It ended up a bit too big but I don't really mind. It means I can fit a thermal underneath it.

It err..doesn't look like the pattern envelope very much. The neckline is quite a bit lower and the pleats aren't as visible. It has some cute details though, like three darts at each of the elbow and a little dart at the shoulder seam in the back. Strange dart placements get me every time.

Here is a not very good shot of the elbow darts. Those aren't marks on the fabric. It's from my camera (I don't think it liked playing in the snow as much as I did).

Vintage McCall's 3776 blouse

The buttons down the back are only decorative. I put snaps underneath them because I have no idea how to do buttonholes on a knit. In fact, I pretty much know nothing about sewing knits but I blunder along anyway.

It's really warm and comfy. I will definitely be making a few more of these in an array of colours. Next time though, I'll sew the pleats in the front down and take it in more.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful, that blouse is amazing and I love the sexy red buttons. x

  2. You look beautiful and I love the way you've styled this blouse. I'm always a fan of a cute hat and anything leopard print. :)

  3. It's a little honey! The elbow darts are divine!But how do you do up the buttons in the back?!
    The whole outfit is fantasmo,as per usual!!

  4. This is really cute! I love these vintage designs, they are so timeless.

  5. Vix- Thank you. The red buttons are my favourite part.

    Stacy- Thanks. Hats and leopard print are definitely two of my weaknesses.

    Helga- Thanks. Since this one is stretchy I don't actually bother undoing them I just slip it over my head. For my other back button blouses I leave the top and bottom button undone, slip it over my head and then reach around and do them up.

    Sunduri Das- Thank you. I think the timlelessness is one of my favourite things about vintage styles.

  6. I love your blouse, even though you say it doesn't look like the original in the pattern cover. It looks cute and those buttons are very nice detail.

    About darts in odd places. That dart on the shoulder is actually rather common. In pattern drafting you actually draw that dart (atleast in the pattern drafting system I have learned), but in most modern patterns it will be removed later when fashioning the pattern. In the old times they didn't remove it because it made clothes tightly fitting and made them curve nicely arround your shoulders and shoulder blades.

    Same thing with darts on elbow, it is easier and also cheaper to make modern clothes without so many darts so elbow darts are also removed in modern pattern drafting. However, old clothes needed to fit closely to the elbow so darts were needed to remove excess fabric. And they also give sleeves the needed form for bending your arm, otherwise non-stretch materials would have been very uncomfortable to wear. Of course you won't feel it now when you made the blouse of jersey.

    I have noticed that in vintage patterns pleats can sometimes be much smaller than what they look in the drawing. I got a bit disappointed some time ago when testing one vintage pattern and the pleats in front were minimal. You could make the pleats larger by cutting the pattern open in the middle of the pleats and widening them as much as you wish, so that the hem of the blouse doesn't get any wider. So in the future, if you use this pattern again, you get larger and more visible pleats.

  7. Thanks Rhia. Interesting. I have noticed that only my vintage patterns have darts in places like the shoulder seams. I was going to sew it without darts because, like you say, they are not needed since I used jersey but I quite like the look of them. That's a good idea about the pleats. Thanks. I will definitely try that on the next one I sew.

  8. Oh my goodness you are talented! The top is adorable, especially with the red buttons! I'm terrible and have no patience for sewing.