Friday, May 20, 2011

Back in Black

Thanks for your comments on my last post. It was interesting reading. Unfortunately, blogger deleted some but I did get to read them before that.

Butterick 9405

When sewing I tend to use fabrics I think are pretty (florals), not practical (black). I used to scoff at the idea of sewing 'basics'. I didn't want to waste my time sewing boring things. It became clear this was somewhat of a problem when I briefly considered pairing a top covered with tiny pink roses, with a bright red poppy print skirt. I decided I needed to make some neutral clothes that would actually go with all the clashing separates I have made.

Blouse Butterick 9405 close up

I made this blouse using Butterick 9405, from 1959. It's made of black broderie anglaise with vintage flower buttons. I realise that its not exactly plain but I am ridiculous this is my idea of neutral.

Pleated skirt

I also made a black pleated skirt out of drill cotton. It has buttons down the back because the zip I had broke just before I was going to put it in.

Sorry about the bad pictures. Black is hard to photograph.

Butterick 9405 + self-drafted skirt

I wore both the blouse and the skirt today. I actually really liked this outfit when I put it on but the photo makes me wonder about that. I also remembered why I don't wear black very often...every stray bit of fluff or cotton within a one mile radius seems to instantly stick to the skirt. I should've just stuck with the florals.


  1. Well I love both pieces, especially the blouse which is plain adorable! As you said wear each item with your beautiful bright garments, I'm sure the combination will be great :)

  2. Black broderie angliase - how gorgeous. I love both of these items. I am currently making myself a black Beignet skirt precisely because I want a 'blank canvas' piece in my wardrobe.

  3. Oh, I love the blouse! You see a lot of broderie anglaise around but not black. It's gorgeous!

  4. Hehe, you are like me - even the "plain" fabric has some kind of texture or pattern to it :)
    I like them together as an outfit. Especially with the hat.

  5. Oh god, I have the exact same problem! All my neutrals are actually very non-neutral- like plain black stockings held up with a floral embroidered garter belt, or my latest goes-with-everything purchase, a cream 50s cardigan covered in gold and silver floral beading. I really need things like plain black skirts and plain white blouses to go with all my weirdo zany vintage crap.