Friday, May 28, 2010

Me-Made-May Days 27 and 28

Me Made May Day 27

It continues to pour down with rain. The sun porch is filled with buckets (at least it's the only room in the house that has a leaky roof) and right now I'm wearing a pair of tights with two pairs of socks over the top but I'm still quite enjoying the downpour.

On Thurday I wore my navy pencil skirt, and a navy cardigan, navy coat and navy gloves. There would have been more, if I hadn't put a hole in my navy tights and my navy shoes were appropriate for rain. Obviously, navy is my black. On a semi-related note, when I was in high school there was a girl who only wore one colour at a time. So some days she would be head to toe red and others head to toe green etc. I always thought she looked amazing and admired her dedication.

Me Made May Day 28

Today, I wore my grey gored skirt while doing some baking. Baking rivals sewing as one of my favourite things to do. I especially love making biscuits on rainy days. They're so delicious warm out of the oven.
My Mum made me the apron for Christmas (so I'm wearing something me made and something Mum made). It has polka dots, a pocket, vintage buttons and the fabric looks like a 50's novelty print with fish, flowers and shells on it. It's so perfect for me.


  1. What a cute apron that your mom made for you! How nice to be wearing something that you made and that your mom made. :)

  2. I bet your pleased Made Me May is about over!!
    I like the idea of head to toe one colour.I have done it from time to time,it's quite mind blowing!!

  3. That apron is so cute!! I love baking too - you get results much faster than with sewing.