Friday, May 7, 2010

Me-Made-May Day Seven

Me Made May Day Seven

For day seven I wore a me made back button blouse. After uni I went to Spotlight and the op shop. I was slightly embarassed at the op shop when I bought a back button blouse and blue vintage gloves while I was wearing um... a back button blouse and blue vintage gloves. I'm nothing if not predictable.
My thought process at the op shop went something like this: Look blue gloves. But I already have blue gloves. I'm actually wearing blue gloves right now. I don't have ones that are this exact shade of blue though. What if I need this exact shade to co-ordinate with an outfit? They are only $4. $4 is the same amount I paid for that horrible cheese scone I bought the other day. These are way better than a cheese scone. I must buy them.
I then found the blouse and repeated it again. This is how you end up with a drawer filled with gloves and too many cute vintage blouses.

Op shop finds


  1. Lol! These are great finds which you shouldn't regret buying at all :) I wish we had good op shops where I live unfortunately you can't find such beautiful items. Your outfit is super cute as usual!

  2. I like your red bag not to mention it goes well with your dress.

  3. Both back button blouses are very cute :-)

  4. How can you have "too many" cute vintage blouses? And those gloves are great too, with the ruching. I am loving your take on Me Made May!

  5. You're right Roobeedoo, you cannot have too many cute vintage blouses. Thanks, I'm really enjoying Me-Made-May so far.

  6. I'm all for more back button blouses. Good call.

  7. Love your thought process!!!True,you can never have too many cute vintage blouses,nor blue gloves.Nor hats/frocks/handbags/ nauseum..........
    Looking sublime,as usual!!x