Sunday, May 23, 2010

Me-Made-May Days 21 and 22

Me Made May Day 21

Having run out of clothes that I've sewn that I actually wear has made me dig up some long forgotten projects. The dress I'm wearing below I made over a year ago but have never worn. The bodice doesn't fit properly and I was too lazy to try and fix it.
May is going scarily fast but with only nine days left I'm starting to miss wearing my vintage dresses.

Me Made May Day 22


  1. Loving the first outfit very much. P.s if u still want to follow my blog, click on my pic and update your link :)

  2. LOVE the blue, especially teamed with the yellow!
    Good luck on the giveaway tomorrow and thanks for re-posting it!

  3. I know how you feel. I am starting to miss my normal clothes too. Not that I don't like the things that I make its just I don't have that much that I have made so it is kind of limiting my outfit choices for the month. I think I would be liking the challenge more if I had more me made items in the wardrobe.

  4. I love the color combo in the bottom photo. The bodice looks fine with that cardigan over it. :)