Saturday, May 1, 2010

And so it begins

Me Made May Day One

My rule for Me-Made-May : Wear one me made item for every day of May.

For day one I wore a me made gored skirt. I had an exam on this afternoon so I wanted to wear something reasonably comfortable. Like always I was completely overdressed for the occasion, most people showed up in their trackpants.

Things I have learnt so far after the first day of Me-Made-May: My sewn wardrobe is made up almost exclusively of impractical and inapropriate clothes.

Please excuse my rather rumpled look in the photo. I had just come home from having spent seven hours at uni. That's my 'I'm so exhausted and relieved my exams are over I can't think straight' face.


  1. You're looking good, I love your outfit no matter how unpractical it is^^

  2. I think you look great. If you were here in Hungary you would probably be underdressed if you wore that to an exam! Here they really dress up for exams - the guys even wear suits and ties! It is still so strange to me.

    What are you studying?

  3. Thanks Cecili and Betty Darling.

    Jodi- Thanks. That's strange to me as well. Maybe they think they'll get extra marks for looking good :)
    I'm studying law and philosophy.

  4. I think the whole outfit is very cute! I also believe that what you wear effects your way of thinking, I know myself I am more focused on the job at hand when I am dressed comfortably but well. If I had have rocked up in track pants, I would have been day dreaming about lounging on the couch eating ice cream instead of the exam. Maybe you are the same, and as such this helped you with the exam process? To me that makes it totally appropriate...

  5. You're right. How I look definitely effects how I think. I don't actually own trackpants but I can imagine if I was wearing them I wouldn't feel like myself which would make me uncomfortable and probably unfocused. While most people wouldn't think of this outfit as really comfortable I was comfortable in it and that's what matters.

  6. You look great! I always like to dress nicely for exams. I think it helps me focus.

  7. Ugh,trackpants.
    Looking super,darling,and I'm pleased that you were appropriately frocked up for your exam!!Better to be looked over than overlooked!!
    Hey,missed you at the Shabby Chic Market?I was actually a bit late,due to stay over visitors and a hangover.!!!I saw Dierdre from Stash ReHash,though.And bought more things I don't need,but truly desired!!!xxxxxxx(I hope you aced your exam!)Don't forget to check if you'll be able to come on the 15th!

  8. I looked around for you but we must have missed each other, I left about 11.30. You'll have to put some pictures up of what you got. There was lots of stuff but I had to limit myself to three things otherwise I would've just kept spending.
    Thanks I hope so too. I just sent you an email to RSVP. I can't wait!!!

  9. I'm doing Me-Made-May to and I've found I have the exact same problem - lots of pretty things but not too many matching things! The skirt looks great