Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sartorially Ambitious

My love for floral prints is well documented on this blog. Pretty much every second thing I sew or buy has flowers on it, but I also love vintage novelty prints. I have a few, but I'm afraid to cut into them in case I spoil them.

Vintage Barkcloth Carriage Novelty  Print

This vintage barkcloth is the newest addition to my collection. It's actually a curtain. My Mum bought it for me last week from the Painted Room, one of my favourite shops. Unfortunately, their shop was destroyed in the September earthquake, they re-opened somewhere else and then lost that shop in the February earthquake. They have opened for a third time though, at 407 Selwyn St. If you live in Christchurch they are well worth a visit.

Vintage Novelty Border Print  Fabric

This is a border print which I plan to make into a skirt at some point.

Vintage Alcohol Bottle Novelty Print  Fabric

Why yes, those are tiny bottles of booze. I'm thinking of using this to make the peplum dress that was in the previous post.

Vintage Japanese Scene Novelty  Print

I have two versions of this gorgeous Japanese scene fabric. The other one has the same print but has more green tones.

Vintage Kiwiana Novelty Print  Fabric

I think this is from the 50s or 60s. It has a stamp on it saying, "Passed by inspection house. Japanese Government", which is strange given the print is a New Zealand one and I bought it here, on Trademe.

I haven't started on my June Challenge dresses yet because I have an exam tommorow, as well as two essays due next week. After that I'm on holidays though, so I'll make a start then.


  1. I am such a novelty print freak too. I have a ridiculous collection of clothes with weird prints that I never wear/don't fit me/are just plain ugly, but couldn't possibly get rid of. Your stash is admirable- I can't wait to see a dress made out of the booze fabric!

  2. wow....they are all so pretty. strange, but pretty.

  3. Wow, what a wonderful collection, I'm totally envious! I especially love the tiny booze bottles and the Japanese scenery that you also have in greener tones :)

  4. What gorgeous prints! I love novelty prints but the only ones I can find in the shops these days are a bit too childish. I have seen some great ones online of vintage ads and vintage food labels. I wish I could get my hands on something like that.

  5. These prints are gorgeous. I've never seen prints like this in any shop before. They are great. You should definitely use one for a June Challenge dress! :)

  6. How lovely of your Mum to buy you fabric, my flatmate bought me some this week too, must be something in the air?
    My two loves are plaid and paisley, I am not normally one for scenery or abstract, but seeing your Frida skirt I was totally in love so maybe I might be persuaded after all. Can't wait to see them all made up...
    Good luck with exam today, I am sure you will ace it!

  7. I should clarify that I do like the scenary prints, it is just they don't suit me though, I look odd in them. The Frida print I thought I may carry off... Sorry hope that first comment did not come across as me criticizing your taste!

  8. Georgia Rose- I think it's the weirdness of them that's so appealing. A dress from the booze fabric is one of the dresses I want to sew for the June Challenge so hopefully you can see it soon.

    Dibs- I think "strange, but pretty" is the best description of novelty fabrics I've ever heard.

    Ceceli- The Japanese print is one of my favourites too.

    Kat- Thanks. Most of the modern ones I've seen are pretty childish, but I've seen some amazing vintage ones on Etsy. They tend to be quite expensive though.

    Stephanie- Thanks. All of mine I got second hand. I don't think they make prints like them any more. I've never seen any in the fabric stores here either.

    Brumby- It was very nice of her. It was nice of your flatmate to buy you fabric too. I love plaids too but can never find good plaid fabric. Don't worry- it didn't come off as a criticism of my taste at all, although I probably wouldn't blame you if you were because some of the prints are completely ridiculous but I love them anyway. The Frida print is great. I think you can get it from Bolt of Cloth. Thanks- I hope I got a good mark.

  9. O,you have some lovely novelty fabrics!!! Dribble!
    The boozey one really appeals to me,I can't think why!!!
    The Painted Room is a wonderful shop,thank goodness they still wnat to continue! I look forward to visiting their new premises.

  10. Thanks. The booze one is hilarious.
    The Painted Room is great. Mum went to school with one of the owners. The new shop is gorgeous. They're sharing with Era Antiques and they're in an old wooden hall. The ceiling is completely covered in amazing chandeliers.

  11. Thanks for sharing your stash gems, they are all awesome! The booze fabric is incredible! You need to make a dress and go out drinking in it x

  12. Hurray, I just re-discovered your blog after looking through last year's Me-Made-May photos and admiring all your great outfits! These prints are fabulous, especially the booze. I'm also crazy for crazy prints, so I look forward to seeing what you make with these.