Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June Challenge Dress Two: Je voudrais un cafe*

I am lucky enough that my local library has Burda magazines that you can get out on loan. I get them out but hardly ever trace the patterns because it seems like too much work. I actually liked this dress so much that I did get around to tracing it. The dress is called the Parisian dress for whatever reason. I think it's meant to suggest that it's super classy and elegant, much like Parisian women (stereotyping much). Maybe it will make me classy and elegant, but I doubt it considering most of the time I can't be bothered wearing makeup or brushing my hair.

Burda #128 dress

Unlike the last dress I made, this one is actually winter appropriate. I said I was going to make winter dresses for the June Challenge and then went ahead and made a summer dress for my first one. I blame it on 'earthquake brain'. Apparently, it's a thing.

The fabric is a poly blend double knit. It's fairly thick and stable. This is pretty much the first time I've sewn with a knit and it was surprisingly easy. I sewed it on my lovely green Elna supermatic. I wasn't sure how well she would sew it since, being made in the 50s, she wasn't really meant to handle knits. I needn't have worried. She sewed like a champion.

Burda 128 dress

I look really annoyed but this is just how my face looks.

As per usual, I took no notice of the instructions because Burda instructions and I are not friends. I think it's the lack of diagrams. Luckily, it's a pretty basic dress, so I didn't have any trouble.

Burda #128 Dress Back

I love this dress. It's so comfortable. The fabric is lovely and soft. It feels like I'm wearing a sweatshirt but looks slightly classier.

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post. Some of you were surprised that I kept sewing and blogging through all the earthquakes. Much in the same way that, in Christchurch, we have to laugh otherwise we'll cry, I have to sew otherwise I will go insane. Amid all the chaos and weirdness, it helps to do normal things. Not to mention the fact that I have been so fortunate. There are so many others here that are having a far tougher time of it that I am.

* Pretty much the only things I remember from 3 years of high school French are related to food and how to order it. Obviously, I have my priorities in order.


  1. Hands down my favourite thing you've ever made!

  2. So chic! I love it with the red accessories. I don't speak French, but I know a few random words of it. This causes me to say things like, "Je suis frommage," just for the sake of stringing words into a sentence.

  3. Very nice dress. I think I have the same Burda somewhere hiding in my house. It's from last year or maybe even the year before I think. I kind of liked it too in the magazine but like you I don't like the hassle of tracing the patterns so I eventually stopped buying Burda because I have a pile of them at home and only ever sewed 2 things out of all of them.

  4. I have made this pattern and its a staple in my wardrobe. Even after losing the magazine. This issue was so worth it! I still have the pattern sheets and instructions just no pretty pictures. So I downloaded them off the russian burda. Its a great dress I think I might try it in a wool crepe or something when winter comes around in the uk!

  5. Tres chic! I love this dress and you only make me want to make this more! This was such a great issue of Burda, and it is so popular it is rarely in the library. I managed to trace one thing out of it, the ruffle blouse, before it started accruing those pesky fines...
    I learnt to sew on an Elna Supermatic just like yours! It was my Mum's that she bought in the late 50's, and I did a post on her: Great score at $15!

  6. Lovely dress! And your styling is right on.

  7. Gorgeous dress! It would be so lovely and warm. I love your red tights too. Oh and thanks for the help on my dress the other day. Vogue 1094 looks perfect!

  8. Such an awesome dress! I have almost 0 winter dresses, I should probably remedy that sometime soon.

    Also, I'm so glad earthquake brain is a thing because I've been doing so many weird things lately... the other day I went to get a coat from my bedroom, and ended up standing outside holding a coathanger wondering how I got there.

  9. helloooo! Just read your comment in response to mine on Waves's blog, and you are right! I guess I was focusing on the garment aspect of costume, it totally slipped my mind about Pounamu and how many kiwis wear it. Hey, you did a great job on your dress; I also sew, but not so confidently. Lovely to have *met* you.

  10. This is so pretty and chic. Oh la la...tu m'inspire.

  11. Love it! I have that Burda magazine at home and have been wanting to make this dress for ages. I actually think this is one of the best Burda issues in years. There are a ton of nice patterns in it, but, yes, the tracing is annoying, so I use it more for inspiration. The fabric is super cute and did you sew the red sash onto it or is it separate? The dress is adrobale! Yeah for June dress number 2!

  12. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    Sherry- I loved that post on your Mum's Elna.

    Teeny- Nice to have met you too.

    Stephanie- It was a good Burda issue. I wanted to trace lots of patterns but didn't have the patience. The belt is separate. I actually made the petersham bow belt that was in the pattern. You can't really see it's a bow in the photos. I tried to get a picture of it but they all turned out funny.

  13. I love this outfit! Dress turned out lovely and especially with red accessories it looks to-die-for. And goes nicely with your broque shoes aswell.
    I have given up on Burda since the patterns don't seem to suit me and just like you, me and Burda instructions don't match together. So instead I always draft my own patterns.
    BTW, thanks for the link to "this is how my face looks". I have been blamed to look sour/arrogant all the time, but that is just how my face looks, especially when my face muscles are relaxed and I can't help it. That is probably why I tend to exaggerate my smile in photos, or twist my face otherwise ;)

  14. This is so cute. I like it better than the one in the picture. I think the red belt and tights make the outfit.

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