Thursday, February 13, 2014

Red and blue

I had four days off work last week so I was actually able to fit in some op shopping. It was a pretty successful trip but I'll show you what I found another day. Instead, I'm showing you what I wore when I went op shopping.

I bought this vintage makeup bag on Trademe recently for $3.50. I know. $3.50. I was bidding on it while on my break at work (thank the flying spaghetti monster for smartphones), and I was sure that I would be outbid but she was all mine. There's a little mirror and pocket inside. 

Vintage dress: Trademe
Vintage shoes: Hunters and collectors
Vintage makeup bag: Trademe
Cardigan: Op shopped
Belt: Op shopped
Bakelite bangles: Etsy and Ebay
Tights: Probably the supermarket


  1. What a find, I love it! It looks wonderful with that pretty dress! x

  2. Great colour. You should have put up a picture of the inside. What did you find op shopping? I never find actual vintage or vintage sewing patterns so I just buy fabric and zippers. Even the fabric and zippers have gone up in price now!

  3. Oh, lovely! I love all those colours by themselves but together they just shine.

  4. Eekkkk I can feel the totally happiness when you won that auction......amazing........happy happy dance spaghetti monster.
    Love little miss blue dress....very cute.
    Love v

  5. I love the bright blue dress with the red accessories, your whole look is just perfect!

  6. Gorgeous, what a great find as well and that was a super bargain to pay as well, love when that happens xx

  7. SUCH a cute outfit!!! And saddle shoes? YES!!!

  8. A brilliant bargain of a vanity case, and a glorious frock too! xx

  9. It is Trademe karma when you find something like this vanity case at such a great price. Love it.

  10. What? $3.50? I am so jealous! What a steal xoxo

  11. My favourite colour combo!!!!
    Gorgeous frock. And that BAG!!!! OMG. I've been avoiding Trade Me lately...just as well, as we may have had a little bidding tug of war! Yeah, I love having a smart phone for following auctions......XXX