Monday, February 24, 2014

Not a knitter

So I said in my last post that I would show you what I got when I went op shopping the other week. 

I got this knitting booklet even though I can't knit (well not properly anyway) because I really like the cardigan in the bottom left. Maybe I'll have to learn to knit just so I can make a cardigan.

I bought this booklet for the pretty 1940's pictures. I love the dress on the left.

The nightie and peasant top on the back are great too. I don't really much care for the kid's clothes. The inside of the booklet just shows you how to smock so those pictures aren't that exciting.

This 1960's smock type top (which er...needs an iron) is not really in my colours but I like the style. It's homemade and has a wee metal zip at the back neck. I might take in the darts a bit because it's a little big.

This dress isn't from an op shop (I wish I could find things dresses like it in op shops). I got it from the Vintage Cupboard, a vintage store. The owner very generously gave me a discount because it had been in the shop for a while and it fitted me well.

I love the cornflower print.

Here's a sneak peek of a dress I just finished. This is the back neckline. I made my own bias binding to use around the neckline and armholes because I couldn't find a matching colour. The print looks black when you put navy blue near it but when you put black next to it, it looks navy blue. 


  1. I've just learned how to make bias binding, and i think I'll be binding all my necklines from now on :)
    The cornflower blue is lovely

  2. Love the cornflower print, I look forward to seeing you in your new buys.

  3. These are gorgeous items...I can't knit what so ever. Have a great week doll x

  4. I love the colours of that zip up top. And the dress from the Cupboard is just lovely. The owner of that store is super sweet too. Xx

  5. Looking forward to seeing that new garment, the print looks amazing!

  6. Dying to see that finished dress, it looks wonderful! I'm rather liking that quilted top. xxx

  7. Oh oh I just love the cornflower's just must show us you wearing it.
    The dress you are making looks fantastic.
    Love v

  8. The print on that homemade top is gorgeous, as is the cornflower dress. Looking forward to seeing you in the Sixties-style op art print dress, it looks fab! xxx

  9. Aaaah, I love that 3ply twin set in your pattern book. It is really worth learning to knit, though it does take a while to get good - and vintage patterns, being more precisely fitted, take more effort than modern ones. It's satisfying when you get it right, though.

  10. The cornflower dress is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the one you've sewn, it looks lovely. The bias trim is a nice touch.

  11. Oh I LOVE that sneak peak of the dress you've made - I can't wait for you to share the finished version! I always LOVE old knitting books - but I have pretty much zero tolerance for knitting, I made a pincushion once, that was bad enough ;)

  12. O, that old navy/black trauma!! Drives me bonkers!
    Love the cornflower frock, and the wee smock top.
    Yes, knitting. Been blithering about learning on and off for years, but really don't have the patience. My Mama was a prolific knitter, and very bloody good at it. That cardi is adorable, and certainly an inspiration to learn.XXX

  13. Ugh that cornflower dress is JUST TOO GOOD. Every time I've been in Chch in recent months I've missed out on going to the Vintage Cupboard so I actually need to make a decent effort next time.

  14. I popped over from the NZ blog lists. Sadly my mother passed away just over a year ago but I still have some of her vintage clothes. I am not into vintage myself but appreciate them and that is probably why I haven't let them go yet. It is also clever to re-invent these fabrics into new clothes. I am glad I visited.


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