Sunday, June 30, 2013

Radio Silence and Google Reader

Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

I dislike the obnoxiousness of that, but apparently it's the only way I can, 'claim my blog'. I avoided the whole google reader shutting down thing when they announced it because I was hoping they'd change their mind. It doesn't look like that's going to happen, so I signed up to bloglovin the other day. It really annoys me that you can't see whole posts, though. I tried the Old Reader as well. It's kind of slow but I think I'm going to stick with it because it looks/works like google reader.  

This is my still-working Bakelite radio

Also, I haven't posted in a while. This is mostly because I've lost my camera cord. It must be somewhere around the house, but I can't find it. Until I do, I probably won't be posting much. Unless you want to see selfies taken with my phone.

Oh, and thanks for all your lovely comments on my suit in the last post. 


  1. I'm used to Bloglovin' now. It's actually easier to post comments and see the blog layout than GR was. The only things I don't like are that it's harder to scroll down the page, and you can't put a blog in more than one category.

  2. Have to say I don't really get any of this stuff, I just put the Bloglovin button on my sidebar and hoped for the best!
    Hope you find your camera cable soon. Oh and you are most welcome for the hat pins! xxxx

  3. I dislike blogloving, it's so irritating having to click through! I use feedly, you can use it like GR (or as a magazine layout if you like), and the phone app is pretty good!

  4. I also dislike Bloglovin, but we will have to be in ti untill Google+ takes really over.
    You must try GOOGLE+ it is like Twitter and facebook, but more fun.
    Following you in bloglovin now.
    Do follow me too, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. I didn't like bloglovin at first, but I like it now. I can keep up better with all the posts. Am following you on there now too :)) Have a gorgeous week x

  6. I think I'm following you via - hope that works :)

  7. Hope you find your lead! I only ever use Bloglovin to read blogs and I love it! x

  8. I'm using Feedly and it is pretty similar to Google Reader. Love that radio, by the way! And I hope you find your camera cord soon.