Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Green Gown

Vintage Dress

A while ago I found this lovely vintage dress on a quick op-shop trip while my car was being fixed. It is not wearable as it has quite a few moth holes and some stains but I was happy to get it simply so I could look at the way it was made. The style instantly made me think it was from the forties and on closer examination I'm pretty sure it is.

Collar Detail

I absolutely love the scalloping on the collar, sleeves and peplum.

Peplum detail

When I first saw it I wondered about the buttons because the colour and the style seemed slightly off. I'm sure they are not original because the cuffs have double buttonholes (four buttonholes total on each sleeve) which means that there were probably double buttons there originally.

Sleeve detail

The buttonholes are handworked.

Side closure

There is a series of snaps and hooks and eyes down the side seam and on the peplum as a closure.

Inside collar

The inside seams are pinked and there is handsewn bias binding on the collar.

I would love to someday make a copy of this dress or at least one in a similar style.


  1. Holy shit,love,that's a very vintage score indeed! I reckon 40's too.

  2. OH WOW! That is simply AMAZING!! And it would be so much fun to recreate!

  3. Stunning! Glorious colour. Look at all the work in it. I'd say Forties too. x

  4. Oh that is absolutely gorgeous!! Very 40s, I would say, too. Is there no way it could be salvaged like by embroidering/embellishing where the holes/stains are or something? (This from a woman who got married in a rather moth-eaten 40s dress last year!) It's so lovely.

  5. Gorgeous dress you found! I'd also say it might be 40's. If the dress fits you and there is large seam allowances it is possible to fix those moth holes so that they are almost impossible to notice. It is quite hard work but definetly worth it.
    I just purchased 50's book about mending and cleaning clothes. I might be able to make a post later about fixing holes.
    Although, recreating that dress might be also worth while :D

  6. Catherine- I probably could fix the holes and possibly get the stains out but the dress is miles too big for me anyway (it's pinned in the photos). Wow, I would love to see a picture of your 40s wedding dress.

    Rhia- As I said above the dress is way too big. I would love to see a post about fixing holes though. That would be so useful as I have other vintage clothes that have holes in them. 50's sewing/mending books are so great aren't they? I think recreating it would be easier and I would be more likely to wear one I'd made because I wouldn't be afraid of damaging it.

  7. Wow! What an amazing find! LOVE those scallops too, you could totally bring lots of these elements into your next creation xxx