Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Christmas Dress Muslin

I've just returned from being away for a few days and have realised Christmas is looming ever closer. I want to make a dress to wear on Christmas day. We usually have a pretty casual Christmas (I'm pretty sure my Dad wore stubbies last year) so I will probably be ridiculously overdressed but I don't care.
I have had some poinsettia printed fabric in my stash for a while that I got off Trademe. I'm hoping it looks slightly Christmassy but not so much so that I can't wear it at other times of the year.

Poinsettia Fabric

For once I decided to do a muslin. I used a weird tablecloth type thing I had in my stash as muslin fabric.
I inadvertantly cut off the top of my head in the photo (which was in fact probably for the best because I couldn't be bothered putting makeup on this morning).
The details aren't very clear in the picture but the bodice is really basic with kimono sleeves and a slight scoop neck. In the poinsettia version I'm going to take in the shoulder seams and the side seams slightly.

Front Muslin

The skirt front has four pleats on each side which face the centre front. The back has two box pleats. The skirt is based on a vintage dress I saw on Etsy.

Muslin Back

Now I've completed a muslin hopefully I'll be able to make the final dress before Christmas.


  1. Oh wow! That's going to be gorgeous :)

  2. My Dad did stubbies and a wifebeater most years too (generally too hot for much else in Sydney at that time of year!). Nothing wrong with being overdressed though, when you look back at family photos in 20 years time they will say "wow Brodie was always immaculately groomed", what could be bad about that?

    Plus I am sure whoever does all the prep for Christmas meals in your house will appreciate you putting as much effort into your outfit as they have the meal!

    So cute that you have a special Christmas inspired dress, I wish I could do the whole northern hemisphere ugly sweater thing!

  3. we do super casual christmas too! we usually have a barbecue lunch at the beach but this year we are going to my aunty's and hanging out by the pool. I am going to make a dress but it probably won't be christmassy at all. The fabric I am thinking of using is purple with white polka dots!

  4. Well,the muslin is adorable and totally wearable!Love the poinsettia fabric,uber pretty!It's make a stunning frock for Chrissy!
    G has a pir of stubbies,by the way..........x
    O,great to see you today,and to meet your mum!

  5. That dress is amazing! I'm so envious of your sewing skills.

    I bought my Christmas dress from a vintage shop the other day... it's a 50s dream and I cannot wait to show it off!

  6. Oooh, that is going to be a rockin' xmas dress! I love your toile and your shoes are to die for xxx

  7. I've just found your lovely blog - you've made some fabulous outfits!
    Thought this dress was especially cute. And is it wrong that I also love the muslin version?!

  8. Thanks donna. Of course it's not wrong. I'm a fan of making wearable muslins. In fact I wore this 'muslin' to work the other week.