Thursday, December 16, 2010

Take a Bow

Petersham Bow

Sometimes when I lose my inspiration to sew all I need to do to get it back is to make something really simple, quick and easy. Usually this involves refashioning rather than actually sewing something new. Since I've been lacking motivation recently I decided to give a cardigan that I don't wear very much a bit of a makeover.

Bow Cardigan

I have quite a big stash of vintage sewing notions that I have picked up over the years at various op-shops. I hardly ever use them on big sewing projects but they are great for embellishing plain things.
Using some ribbon from my stash I made some really easy petersham bows and then hand sewed them onto the cardigan. I'm actually quite pleased with the way it turned out because I wasn't sure whether I would like it or not.
Now that I've got my sewing mojo back I'll have to get back to my Christmas dress otherwise it wont be finished in time.


  1. I sooooo understand about the sewing mojo!! I'm in and out of it on a regular basis! Doing little things,like making bows,does help get those juices flowing!!!
    Mind you,if I can ever get that damn industrial machine out of the shed for you,you'll be mojo'd to the eyeballs,I'm sure!
    It's a bit of a saga,but we'll get there!

  2. Cute! Love the wee ones on the cuffs too :)

  3. Good re-imagining of the cardi. And what a cheerful and adorable dress/skirt!