Tuesday, February 2, 2010

50s Style Full Skirt

Sometimes when I'm in the middle of sewing something complicated or time consuming I need a quick sewing fix. Something fast and easy to get that sense of achievement from finishing a garment.

50s style full skirt

This skirt is one such project. I sewed it in a few hours over a couple of days. It's a simple gathered skirt on a waistband with a zip. The fabric is a lovely vintage cotton. I got it with a whole pile of other stuff in a vintage suitcase for $5.

Now I've got my quick fix I can continue on with my more daunting sewing projects (and yes sewing is my drug of choice).


  1. I have been scouring the web for a good description of how to make a full circle skirt that includes how to create the waistband and add a zipper.

    Would you mind sending/posting the instructions? Pretty pretty please?

  2. Sweet Molly Mac - This skirt looks more like a dirndl style than a circle skirt, but if this is what you meant, Gertie at "Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing" has a tutorial here:



    P.S. I just found your blog via Sew Retro, and I'm already a fan!

  3. Sweet Molly Mac- Garnet is right it is a gathered dirndl skirt. Circle skirts are usually cut on the bias. Gertie's tutorial that Garnet posted the link to is very similar to the way I made mine and is well explained. I have made a circle skirt before but I used a pattern. If you need any more help or instructions send me an email. The address is under contact on my profile.

  4. Gorrgeous skirt! That fabric is divine (I hate you for being able to find great vintage fabric!!!). I'm the same... I hate it when a sewing project takes for ever and ever and ever and I like make something easy so at least I can feel like I've achieved something.

    Ooo and I also love what you're wearing with the skirt. That lace top looks brilliant with it.

  5. Don't hate me too much, I hardly ever find good vintage fabric. Thanks, the lace t-shirt was from an op-shop. I wear it way too much.

  6. beautiful vintage fabric. your skirt is lovely!
    ps. i'm happy you like the banners! :D

  7. Love the lace blouse with the skirt.