Monday, November 9, 2009

Stash reHash

On Sunday I went to Stash reHash, a one-off fabric and craft supplies market. I got there before it opened and there was already a huge line. It was a bit scary as there were so many people and everyone was trying to look around all the stalls in a tiny hall. I got pushed and shoved quite a few times (obviously some sewers and crafters can be quite ruthless when they spot something they want). It was well worth a bit of rough and tumble though as I managed to score some good stuff.

This is a beautiful thick cotton floral. There's over two metres and it cost me $1.

I love this old fashioned print. It's another thick cotton.

Belt buckles!

Lace to add to my fast growing collection.

Faux fur collar that someone has made. The picture's not that great, it's actually darker and looks much better than in the photo.

I also got a wool blanket and some paisley fabric for my Mum. All together I spent less than $20 and was only in there for about 15 minutes. I can't wait to get sewing again, I haven't done any for a couple of months because uni's been so busy.


  1. Ooh I love the blue floral fabric and the cream belt buckle!!

  2. Love that first fabric, just stunning. Cant wait to see you turn it into something stunning, like a wiggle dress. Love the faux fur collar, super cute and no animals were harmed.

    Happy sewing.