Thursday, November 19, 2009


I took a friend op-shopping the other day because he needed a costume for a 50's party. We didn't have much luck with the costume but I did manage to find some things for myself.

I have a weakness for vintage housecoats and robes. I like lounging around the house in them, far more stylish than trackpants.

A frame bag has been on my mental wishlist for ages. This one is prefect and is in really good condition. The key to lock it is still inside it. The best part is it was only $4. It's nice to tick something off my wishlist for once rather than just adding more things I want to it.


  1. its definatly the same bag, I saw them in the random op shop at the top of cuba street for $85, his house is soo full of stuff I dont know how he sells them at that price

  2. Wow that's so expensive, way more than the $4 I paid for mine. I've seen the same brand on trademe as well but they weren't anywhere near that expensive.