Friday, September 25, 2009

New (Old) Nylons!

I love these nylons I recently got that are unworn and still in their original box. I got them on Trademe for about the same as I pay for a pair of new stockings now. They are fully fashioned sheer seamed stockings with a cuban heel. I'm guessing they are from around the 1950's as that is when this style was popular before seam-free stockings took over in the mid 60's.

I don't know if I can bring myself to wear them though just in case I put a hole in them. I will probably just keep them in their little box and bring them out from time to time to stare lovingly at them.

I adore the vintage look of seams so I usually wear the black pantihose from Columbine that have a faux seam up the back. These, generally, only get a few wears and then I manage to put a run in them. I remember reading somewhere that during rationing women were allowed two pairs of nylons a year. I don't think I would fare very well with that.


  1. Its great that you like you wear pantyhose. I wish more women would.

  2. Vintage stockings are the best. I'm glad it's getting a bit colder now so I can wear all my nylons.