Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Medical Corsets

These two medical corsets used to belong to my 86 year old grandmother. She wore them in her younger days because she had a bad back but now they belong to me. I'm guessing they are probably about 50 to 60 years old. They are beautifully made even though they were purely for medical reasons. Unfortunately they are both far too big for me so mostly they sit in my room like this worn by Dorothea.

Today at my favourite secret op-shop I found another one very similar to the white one above and for $2 of course I had to get it. I feel the start of a collection coming on.
(By secret op-shop I mean one that the vintage clothing and antique dealers don't seem to have discovered yet, they always have really good stuff which would usually be snapped up by dealers).


  1. I love the fan lacing on medical corsets. I know they weren't meant to be pretty, but I think they are anyway.

  2. So do I. They're always so beautifully made.