Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to School Skirt

I started back at uni last week. I did all my classes from home last semester because of the earthquake, which I actually quite enjoyed. Before I started back, I realised that there was a gap in my, admittedly rather substantial, wardrobe. I didn't have a plaid circle skirt. While, I pretty much only wear prints I seem to have overlooked the amazingness of a good plaid. In order to rectify this oversight, I quickly whipped up a skirt.

Plaid circle skirt

The fabric is some unknown fibre I got on trademe for cheap. It's probably a synthetic blend but it drapes really well. I used the circle skirt pattern that I drafted ages ago.

I'm holding my new hatbox. I bought a set of three of them on trademe the other day. They fit inside one another, which I love. I have an obsession with hat boxes but they are usually hard to find and expensive in NZ. Of course, I don't actually keep hats in them (that would be crazy right?), I use them for sewing patterns and notions.

The gloves are also new (to me). The lovely Helga von Trollop sent them to me to keep my mitts warm. I always have cold hands and feet in the winter, but they keep my fingers nice and toasty.

I have some more plaid sewing projects in the works, including a dress. I went slightly crazy buying plaid fabric to make up for lost time.


  1. That skirt is beautiful, you are a clever lady. I'm lusting after those hatboxes, they are so expensive these days. x

  2. I love that skirt too and it looks great with that cardigan. I have O week this week and I start uni next week ... I've enjoyed the holiday too much!

  3. Love that hatbox! and the skirt is great too

  4. I am crazy for plaids! I realised I actually need to stop sewing plaids and checks for a bit because I sew them and I buy them and now my wardrobe is plaid/check crazy!!! I need more polka dots and florals I think.

  5. ACK! Jealous of those hat boxes!Well scored,doll!
    Plaid is heavenly! I keep meaning to make a nice plaid frock,but it's just another of a million things I want to make and take forever to get around to!This skirt is just perfect!
    Yay gloves!

  6. I love plaid, I have too much of it, and never really sew it up. I should make a circle skirt, perhaps in a large blue and white gingham taffeta.... Gertie made one in black and white once and my mind keeps drifting back to it