Saturday, September 11, 2010

Franken-Dress (and earthquake update)


Sorry I haven't posted in a week. Things have been a bit crazy around here since the earthquake. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post. We have continued experiencing aftershocks for the last week and they may well go on for the next couple of months. The damage to my house is worse than we originally thought but we got both the hot and cold water restored yesterday which was nice. The novelty of being able to turn on the taps, flush the toilet without a bucket of water etc, has still not worn off. I'm so incredibly lucky though. Many people, including some I know, have lost their whole homes or their businesses.
I don't want this post to be all gloomy so I thought I'd show you a dress I finished a couple of weeks ago. It was originally meant to be a wiggle dress, using the bodice of Simplicity 1192 but after I had cut out the skirt I realised the fabric had a big hole in it. The floral fabric, which I bought at Stash Rehash, had quite a few holes in it but I thought I had made sure to avoid them when I was cutting out. Obviously I hadn't. The bodice was fine so I decided to try and find some fabric that went with it to make the skirt out of. I spent ages trying to find a similar blue to the flowers but I had to make do with a sort of turquoise colour. It's not perfect but it's alright. The skirt is just a couple of rectangles with some pleats in it. I like that it kind of gives it an early 60s feeling.
The sash is made from a piece of left-over fabric and just ties around my waist.
While the dress itself is quite simple it took me months to finish because I couldn't find the motivation after so many hiccups. I finally had to impose a rule that I couldn't start sewing anything else until I finished it. This actually worked and I got it done if only so I could sew other things.
It's not my favourite dress but I probably will end up wearing it a bit because it is simple and comfortable.


  1. Franken-dress is just lovely,doll! I would never have guessed the drama behind it.
    You've only just got water on??!! O dear.We have been lucky with that.As time goes on,more damage becomes apparent.Our piles will need sorting;the floor is quite wonky.
    I can't believe it was a week ago.

  2. Thanks! The drama was entirely self-inflicted.
    Yeah we lost the hot water on Sunday because the hot water tank was cracked and then we actually had to turn the water off at the mains a couple of days later because something somewhere else was leaking.
    Oh no! Although, I suppose better a wonky floor than no floor at all. I think the aftershocks have been causing people more damage as well.
    I know, it's been a very strange week. xo

  3. very cute!! so glad you're doing ok after the earthquake, i'm sure its been a scary week.

  4. How annoying to be without water for so long, you should have told me, I have 2 spare bedrooms, hot and cold water, AND an annoying dog. What more would you want?

    So, was looking at your photo and thinking (miraculous I know), "hasn't she already posted this picture?" only to register that stitchywitch has made one very similar:

    Spooky nah?

  5. quietandsmalladventures- Thanks. Yeah it has but we are slowly getting back to normal.

    Brumby- Aw thanks. It actually wasn't so bad. My brother had brought about 30 litres of water with him when he came down to stay and we also filled up at the neighbours (they are really awesome). We lost the hot and cold at different times so it was only a couple of days where we didn't have any running water at all. The shower is also electric so it survived when the hot water tank cracked.
    Wow they are quite similar, except her's is the opposite with the pattern on the bottom and the solid colour on the top. Good spotting.