Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Won't you come along with me

Jenny Skirt

I actually finished this version of the Jenny skirt a couple of weeks ago but haven't gotten around to posting it. This is my wearable muslin made out of $1.99 a metre bengaline. I quite like the pattern but I thought the instructions were terrible (it seems to be a common complaint). Since I've made a pencil skirt before it wasn't that difficult. Like some others who have made this pattern, I made my own waistband piece because I didn't like the fact that it was three separate pieces cut on the bias. I think in my next version I will taper the skirt more. I would have done on this one but the fabric has no stretch and even though there's a back split I was afraid I would have to take tiny steps if I did.


  1. Wow! Love the new look! xxx

  2. The pic is not showing on the blog at the moment for some reason but a click through shows it, and the new you!
    Wow you really did get a cut, that's a lot of hair to bravely lop off, AND a new colour too.

    Looks great, a little shorter and it would almost be Uma Thurman circa Pulp Fiction! I loved that look and once my hair grows back intend on replicating it!

    That Jenny skirt is a clever design, I have not seen one made that I did not think was flattering to the wearer, and the suspenders are so cute!

  3. Thanks Jodi and Zoe.

    Brumby- Thanks for telling me, I tried to fix it but I'm not sure if it worked.
    I was kind of scared to get that much chopped off but I'm glad I did.
    You would look great with the Uma Thurman hair cut.
    Yeah I love the Jenny pattern, it's just a pity about the instructions. The suspenders were what sold me.

  4. Woooooo!You are looking hot,child!!!
    Sweet job on the skirt!
    Right,gonna look at getting that machine out of the shed if the weather holds......and I believe we were talking about an opshopping date?!

  5. OOOH!!! I love your new haircut!!!

  6. You guys are so sweet.

    Helga- Thanks. Sounds good, just email me and I will make sure I am home. Op-shopping sounds grand. Did you want to go this Friday?

  7. Will email you!I have to work late Friday,so no go!