Friday, December 18, 2009

Op-shopping kismet

Another day, another dollar (or ten) spent. I go op-shopping way too much but I justify it to myself by only spending about ten dollars each time I go. This week I spent my money on 2 pairs of shoes, 4 pairs of stockings and also some cardigans.

I was wearing the seamed stockings above while my friend and I were shopping and one of the ladies at the Sallies told me she hadn't seen anyone wearing stockings like that for years. She also said that during the war they used to get so excited when they got a new pair of silk stockings. I love having these kinds of conversations. Quite often my stockings elicit comments from sweet old ladies like this.
As we were about to leave I looked in a drawer and found the bag below. I thought they were just odd stockings rather than pairs because they were all different colours but I got them anyway (for $1).

When I got home I discovered that there were 4 pairs of fully fashioned seamed stockings. I was so excited to find vintage seamed stockings and for only $1 as well.

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