Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pattern Mad

Advance 8270

I went slightly pattern buying mad the other week and bought three more vintage patterns. I realise that for some people that is probably not that many but I only own about 20 patterns so three in one week is kind of a lot. In my defence, (to myself that is. I am ah...defending my own actions to myself because justifying my purchases is what I do for fun), all three were on my List.
I'm sure I can't be the only one that has a List. You know, a list of vintage items I want to someday buy. My List is quite strict. It does not contain any passing fancies or fads. Most of the things on it have been there for a year or longer. The things on my List and I are in a serious long distance relationship rather than having just a quick fling. I wanted a vintage hatbox for over a year before I got one. Even now almost two years later I still get a quick jolt of joy every time I open it to get out a pair of gloves (Yes. It houses my vast glove collection rather than hats). That is the sign that something was List-worthy in the first place.

Simplicity 2441

On my List (that I can now cross off) were patterns for a one-piece bathing suit, french knickers and a dress with a midriff inset. I can't wait to find the perfect fabric and make these up but who knows, that may take me a few years as well.

Simplicity 2692


  1. The dress is georgous and very you, cannot wait to see it made up! Love the "positively no refund" on the french knicker pattern.

  2. Good work!!! Tick tick tick xxx

  3. cant wait to see what the final product is:)

  4. They all look fabulous, contemplating making a cape for Winter.
    Happy blogging.