Monday, October 24, 2011

Lilac Wine

Dress from Dashfield Vintage

I bought this early 60s dress from Dashfield Vintage a while ago to make myself feel better about all my tests and essays. I don't own anything lilac because pastel colours don't suit me but I loved the gathered neckline.

Image from Dashfield Vintage

It's a little bit big, but nothing a belt won't fix. The print is of leaves, which is a slight departure from my usual flowers.

One more exam to go and then I'm free, for a little while anyway.


  1. Oh my, that is beautiful and really suits you. Beautiful. X

  2. Good luck! Soon you'll be freeeeeee to wear leaves and lilac and whatever gorgeousness you have x

  3. I love this dress! It really suits you. Dashfield have the cutest stuff lately.

    Good luck with your exams! I can't wait to be free either (even if just until March).

  4. Gorgeous! I think the colour looks great on you. Good luck with all the exams.

  5. O,good god,that's gorgeous!You look divine,and it really compliments your dark hair!!
    Shall we have an opshopping jaunt after your exams?!

  6. Thanks guys!

    Helga- Yes, I was thinking maybe you, Brumby, Georgia Rose and I could go on a wee op shopping jaunt.

  7. dis dress be fly! but seriously though its so nice, i love it


  8. That dress is like my dream come true. It looks stunning on you <3